Walgreens essays

By Nina Golgowski 3. The Arizona mother is speaking out after she said a Walgreens pharmacist refused to provide her with a prescription drug that would help her miscarry her deceased fetus, telling her that providing it would violate his personal beliefs. The company said on Sunday it is investigating the incident. The doctor had given her two options, she said:

Walgreens essays

CVS To innovate successfully, start by aligning what your business says with what your business does. Getty Images A recent study shows that 85 percent of consumers will retaliate against a company for lousy customer service--not surprising since today this is as easy as tapping out characters.

So, in a world where your customer's voice is louder than ever, the need to provide a great and consistent customer experience is essential.

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Given this new reality--that what you say you are going to do as a business has to align with what you actually do as a business--it is notable how many companies still fall down on this basic premise. A great study in contrast is taking place in the drugstore business right now.

In Walgreens, the nation's largest drugstore chain began requiring its employees to say "be well" to customers at the end of every transaction instead of "goodbye," "take care,""thanks" or any other normal human alternative.

Presumably the company did this because Walgreens predominately sells health and wellness items, and this was part of a larger story the brand wanted to convey: Great intention, I'm sure. But the execution has left something to be desired.

In addition to the slightly creepy forced nature of the policy, there are some glaring inconsistencies with the experience inside of the stores themselves, which makes this policy seem deeply inauthentic.

Walgreens essays

One Walgreens employee summed it up perfectly in an online forum: But just imagine the outcry against a drugstore CEO that makes a decision like that? Leaving billions in potential profit on the table? Which made it all the more incredible when CVS, one of Walgreens' biggest competitors, did exactly that.

Rather than just treat its new position as a fresh coat of paint, CVS decided to actually do its new health and wellness story in public.

The brand's first iconic action was to remove all tobacco products from its shelves. Merlo explained that the short term financial hit even though it's billions will be far outweighed by the potential business upside of really leaning into the health and wellness business.

By removing any inconsistencies in the customer experience, he was actually preparing the company for a run of growth. Further, by taking this action to the public and making noise about it, CVS has made it clear that it's on a real Quest to help its customers, their neighbors and broader communities lead healthier lives.

Walgreens essays

I call companies like this StoryDoing companies and there is evidence that they are, in fact, better businesses. Despite giving up more than two billion in tobacco revenue, in the last quarter CVS surpassed financial estimates and it appears poised for growth.

This new positioning and the courage to make bold, iconic moves to support it, is also a platform for real innovation. In the spotlight were innovative ways in which CVS might lean even further into this new positioning, while continuing to distance itself from Storyteller competitors like Walgreens, which continues to keep tobacco on its shelves.

The CVS example contains lessons for all companies, not just retailers. Becoming truly dedicated to a Quest is not about writing up a mission statement and hanging it on the wall or putting it on your website--it's about working with people throughout your company to help them live an inspiring and generous set of deeply held values and then bringing that to your customers.

It is part of a motivating and authentic narrative that will drive a company forward. Companies that understand this don't just make a profit--they bring something important to their customers' everyday lives: Embodying a story that inspires people creates real loyalty, and that positive feeling spreads via discussions at the water cooler and across social media.

That means every company's first priority is the same and it's clear--they must incorporate their narrative into everyday actions.

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In the end, their story should be seen and felt--not just heard. Nov 25, More from Inc.Essay on Walgreens Diversity Issues Words | 7 Pages. Walgreens diversity issues: A weakness that was gained subsequent to the information gathered from research and surveys is that as a company it is true that diversity is practiced but may differ at stores; stores tend to lack a wide range of diversity.

One may ask how that is possible. Aug 24,  · I worked at Walgreens full-time (More than a year) Pros great company to work, very easy to move up in the company as long as you work hard, come to work and do what you suppose to initiativeblog.com: Former Employee - Procurement Specialist.

Jul 06,  · SWOT ANALYSIS ON Walgreen Discuss SWOT ANALYSIS ON Walgreen within the Principles of Management (P.O.M) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; The Walgreen Company (NYSE: WAG), d/b/a Walgreens (without an apostrophe), is the largest drugstore chain in the United States.

The elephant in the room, however, is the merger between CVS and Caremark. Events like this are rare, but their impact is disproportionately large. Jun 24,  · The doctor had given her two options, she said: Either undergo a hospital procedure that would remove the fetus or take Misoprostol, a prescription drug that .

Jun 24,  · Walgreens’ policy lines up with an Arizona state law that similarly allows a pharmacy, hospital or health professional not to participate in providing abortion medication, emergency.

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