The cyclical politics of graphic design

In this roundup, Print breaks down the elite group of typographers who have made lasting contributions to American type.

The cyclical politics of graphic design

It was reprinted in Essays on Design I: Artists have for a long time been heading for ghettos, whether rich or poor. Other people have been subjected to a major mass-media aesthetic — or for the most underprivileged — to its leftovers.

Our Western society is working at two different speeds. For the minority, a world of calm has come into being in which design means authentic quality.

Art can be part of every life.

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It is a world in which a materialised and human reality can develop. For the rest — the majority — what is offered is exactly the opposite. Art is something to be visited in reservations, and spiritual harmony is to be found in other realms, religious or chemical.

Inequality is on the increase. It has thus been deemed legitimate to give arts and artists the function of entertainment and decoration, while techniques and technicians take care of efficient production. This division of labour amounts to a complete capitulation as regards the principles on which design is founded.

The cyclical politics of graphic design

The division between the artist as creator and the artisan as technician has been born again out of the ashes of those founding principles. It marks a return to the Stone Age. I believe that the single identity of the artist and the technician in the person of the graphic designer forms the basis for his capacity to assert his role strongly — and to take his own specific action as an individual who is a part of civilization.

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I believe that the social function of the graphic designer is a subject to be approached through opinions and persuasion rather than through logic and knowledge. It seems simple to declare such a principle, but given the contradictions of real life, the principle does not lead readily to practical rules of behaviour.

A social critique Any assessment of the social dimension of graphic design must always be made in a specific concrete situation, and this is a most difficult task.

We all live in society; but not in the same one. At least, thank God, not yet. Today, the production of visual communications consists essentially of advertising. Visual productions in advertising are hugely sophisticated and articulated in relation to gigantic mass-media networks.

They transcend frontiers and cultural divides. It is the expression of the pursuit of individual happiness, considered as a universal right. The choice of what one eats or wears or drives takes the place of significant political choice. Publicity helps to mask and compensate for all that is undemocratic within society.

And it also masks what is happening in the rest of the world. Advertising is today more and more centralized, international, generalized and, therefore, standardized — like the economic forces that produce it, and the products it deals with. Graphic design, on the other hand, continues to be created and to structure itself in an autonomous and diversified manner — in direct contact with the specific social fabrics of different societies around the world.

It is this diversity that provides the possibility for the development of graphic communication across the world in the future. If we look at simplified representation of graphic communication, we see that it has transmitting subjects clients and graphic designersmessages and objects goals, ends, productsand receivers audiences and consumers with their needs and expectations.Sep 07,  · The Economist offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between .

The cyclical politics of graphic design

The Future History of Graphic Design By: Ken Carbone | November 19, Every generation of graphic designers looks to design heroes from the past for inspiration. While many small-scale clients in the social, cultural, political, and even economic fields have high expectations of graphic designers, many others with considerable social influence are unaware of graphic design or have a very simplistic conception of it.

Art as Witness: Political Graphics , co-curated by Steve Brodner, features over political artworks, graphic design and illustrations opening October 6 and running until November 3, at the SVA Chelsea Gallery in New York.

Shepard Fairey is an American artist, graphic designer, DJ, and activist. He put his name on the map in with his “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” street art, while he was a student at the RISD. The sticker and graffiti campaign, which came to be known as OBEY, first grew out of the skateboarding scene.

Political campaign design is similar to advertising design in many ways, but it also has its own characteristics. Of course, red, white, and blue the most popular colors used on American political campaign materials, including posters, yard signs, buttons, brochures, billboards, and on candidate websites.

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