Strategic planning a dynamic duty essay

Essay on strategic marketing Essay on strategic marketing Strategic Marketing is that which takes to the process by which organizations, groups and individuals get what their desire and want by identifying value and delivering the thing to others. The nucleus concepts of marketing are customers desires related to products, exchanging things, communications and relationships. Marketing is strategically referred with the way and scope of the long-term activities executed by the company to gain a competitive benefits.

Strategic planning a dynamic duty essay

Just about every higher education institution periodically engages in strategic planning. Some of this planning is part of the fabric and culture of a college, but many campuses engage in planning only when required by accrediting agencies or mandated by statewide system offices, or after a crisis.

Regardless of the motivating factor, challenges with the planning process result in too many campuses failing to achieve their original planning goals even when a great deal of time and effort are invested We wanted to find out what made strategic planning work on campuses and initiated a series of discussions with presidents, faculty and senior administrators of institutions that believe in strategic planning and embrace it as a cultural practice.

We also spoke to a handful of campus leaders and faculty who were unsure about the importance of strategic planning. These postures of resistance to planning are as valuable as hearing from those who truly believe in its value.

In fact, both perspectives are needed. The following advice might provide some helpful information to administrators and faculty as they think about crafting their institution's strategic planning process and connecting it to the life of the campus.

Visible and committed senior leadership is essential. The president needs to be seen as visibly and meaningfully supporting, but not exclusively controlling, the planning process. If campus stakeholders believe the president is engaged in the planning process, they tend to participate more.

If they don't witness this engagement, they will question the credibility of the process and meaningful participation will be minimal. In fact, if the president is resistant to planning or in any way intimates that the plan will not be utilized once developed, campus stakeholders will pick up on this and will have limited or no investment.

On many campuses today, there are senior-level administrators whose titles include planning or planner. While these individuals are responsible for carrying out the planning process, in no way should they be the sole drivers of the plan.

Rather, these administrators should be ensuring that the information needed to develop the plan is readily available. They should also ensure that all of the planning processes are transparent and that there is widespread engagement in the process.

While many presidents may be tempted to divest themselves of the planning process and allow the "planners" to take the lead, this is a mistake. A president must be the leader of the planning process and use the designated "planner" as a key resource. Authentic faculty involvement and engagement will make or break a strategic planning process.

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Without the meaningful engagement of faculty in the strategic planning process, the resulting plan will not get carried out. Top-down, administrative planning simply won't work any more.

Strategic planning a dynamic duty essay

There was a time when senior leadership, along with the board, created a strategic plan and "sold" it to the campus with limited results.

Those days are gone. In fact, faculty should play a key role — often in concert with the president and any "official" planners on campus -- in designing the process.

Presidents also need to organize a planning task force of highly credible leaders throughout the campus and make sure a majority of the task force consists of faculty. On many campuses this task force will emerge from — or morph into — a standing committee that is responsible for monitoring the implementation and assessment of the strategic plan.

Strategic planning a dynamic duty essay

Campuses should seriously consider the benefits and challenges of having such a standing committee. On the plus side, it does ensure that a wide swath of the campus has ongoing engagement with the strategic plan.

It also increases the likelihood that the plan will be subject to rigorous assessment if a group is formally charged with carrying it out.

A potential negative consequence, though, is that the campus community may view this standing committee as the group responsible for the plan when, in fact, the plan is owned by the entire campus community.

If such a committee is in place, one of their explicit directives must be to engage all campus stakeholders in the planning process.

Again, faculty should play a leading role in this process. The president and senior leaders need to talk openly with the faculty about the strategic planning process and its importance to the institution.Essay Strategic Planning Within Ge The strategic planning process is the formulation of the company’s major objectives and execution .

Mar 10,  · Strategic Planning Essay. prompting hospitals to embrace strategic planning in order to position themselves in the dynamic environment. Strategic planning serves a vital purpose of helping an organization determine what it wants to be in days to come and how it will achieve this objective.

This paper explains how a well constructed. Creating a Dynamic Strategic Plan that Engages the Enterprise. August 1, ; By Daniel Burrus; it’s time for companies to do some dynamic planning.

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A dynamic strategic plan reaches beyond the company walls and goes out to strategic partners. After all, how are your strategic partners going to help you if they don’t know what you. Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Paper HCS/» Health Care Informatics November 25, Strategic Planning and the Nursing Process Healthcare informatics is an idiom that refers to the use of information technology in the healthcare field.

discussion of new research methodologies, essays, a paper presented at a conference, a conference summary, or a summary of work in progress. All RAND occasional papers Our strategic planning approach has four steps as shown in Figure S The approach aims to.

Essay on strategic marketing Strategic Marketing is that which takes to the process by which organizations, groups and individuals get what their desire and want by identifying value and delivering the thing to others.

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