Noragric master thesis download

Some of the old and earlier testimonials you find below. Many thanks for the Global Future Analysis. It is a very important document also for developing and poor countries, including Cambodia.

Noragric master thesis download

Analyzing the ongoing forest transition in Laos from a socio-ecological perspective Project Employment Extent of employment: Research and teaching at the Institute of Social Ecology deals with the interrelations of social and natural systems in the context of sustainable development.

Researchers come from interdisciplinary backgrounds such as ecology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and history. The methodological spectrum includes material and energy flow analysis MEFAgeographic information systems GIS and remote sensing methods, qualitative social research, and historical analyses.

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A socio-ecological perspective broadens the scope of analyses by linking forest change to changes in the energetic resource base of societies. The ultimate aim is to draw lessons for climate change mitigation policies.

noragric master thesis download

Relevant socio-metabolic forest relief processes are identified in Laos for periods of decreasing deforestation, forest area stagnation, and recent forest regrowth.

Such processes include the decrease of traditional swidden farming, large-scale agricultural intensification and regional specialization, changing trade patterns, and shifts in energy use. Specific political-economic processes and policies affecting forest change e. The aim is to establish integrated socio-ecological GHG budgets, comparing the carbon sink of forest transitions to the emissions caused by forest relief processes, and to understand the politics affecting them.

In addition to analyses at the national level, regional-scale case studies will be conducted, addressing the diversity of trajectories involving different constellations of actors and interests. The successful candidate will collaborate with the HEFT project team and will be given access to existing databases and methodological tools.

The candidate is expected to contribute to further methods development and establishment of databases. The PhD candidate will be supported to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles and to participate in international scientific conferences.

The candidate has the option of compiling a cumulative thesis based on these publications. Required skills and qualifications Excellent MSc or equivalent degree in interdisciplinary environmental sciences, such as Social Ecology, Human Ecology, Political Ecology, Ecological Anthropology, or Ecological Economics Knowledge of relevant quantitative methods of sustainability accounting, e.

Knowledge of qualitative research methods, e.

noragric master thesis download

Therefore qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply. In case of equal qualification, female candidates will be given preference unless reasons specific to an individual male candidate tilt the balance in his favour.

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Week 50 Archive. Articles | Electronic documents | Books | Journals | Films | African Literature | Sound | Abstracts and downloads. Articles. Africa Ensuring that Africa keeps rising: the economic integration imperative / Adrian D. Saville and Lyal White. Despite its low emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHGs), Sri Lanka is considered as a vulnerable small island nation under climate change.

Agroforestry, which uniquely integrates trees into land use systems, has historically contributed to climate change adaptation in Sri Lanka. The legal and policy interventions for pastoral development in Ethiopia under the Imperial, Derg and EPRDF regimes share a great deal of commonalities, despite their inherent differences in political ideology.

Their interventions have been based on wrong assumptions that pastoralism is backward, extravagant and unfit for the modern way of life. Thesis, Department of International Environmental and Development Studies (Noragric), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Oslo, p 67 Google Scholar Zerga B () Awash National Park: Its degradation status and protection measures.

I propose a synthetic approach, relying on the statistical improvements and technical standardizations called for above, to settle a unified evolutionary genetics of microorganisms, valid whatever the species studied, whether eukaryotic (parasitic protozoa and fungi) or prokaryotic (bacteria).

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