Non-fiction writing websites

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Non-fiction writing websites

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But also want to post your work online and get feedback?

non-fiction writing websites

These website are great outlets for all writers. Up and coming and established writers have websites like these: Wattpad Wattpad is a community for readers and writers spanning across different genres.

Mixture of traditional published, self published and novice writers Great for serialized fiction Readers can vote and comment on every chapter of a story Writers can go back and edit chapters Number of reads and votes a story has is visible for all to see Stories success can be judged by rank position and number of reads All writers are not treated equally.

Twilight, 13 Reasons Why, The Notebook Stories that rank in the top 1—30 in a genre do well and are very visible to readers New stories compete with old stories. A story that is posted this year and has reads will compete with a story that was posted in and has generated 5, reads Overall: I started reading on Wattpad in and posted my first story in This is where my largest reader following and audience is.

It takes time to build an audience but the serialized fiction option and instant reader feedback is unbeatable. Inkitt is a reader-powered book publisher.

Data is not always accurate Cannot edit own story on app Overall: I created my Inkitt profile on 2—11— Will update in a few months.

Tapas is a publishing platform home to serialized stories. The popular page shows stories that are popular and the fresh page shows stories that have been recently updated in that genre Cannot edit own story on app Overall: I started reading and writing on Tapas in I started reading on Swoonreads in December I have not posted a story on the site as of yet and am unable to give a fair assessment at this time.

Where do you share your writing online? Do you post on any of these sites? Why or why not? If not, where else have you found success?

If you are a writer considering self-publishing, have you already tested your work with a potential audience? Posting to these sites are great ways to generate monetary funds and gain beta readers, feedback and exposure.

Top Publications for Fiction Writers on Medium coming soon.6. See like a movie camera—make your writing cinematic. Zoom in. Pan the surroundings. Use your words to make pictures. 7. Build your images in linear fashion. Employ digression to explain.

8. Use all five senses—writing is the only medium that is able. 9. writing pittsburgh book prize Closed: November 20, We are actively reading the submissions received and expect to be able to update submitters on the status of their work in summer Top Websites for Fiction Writers to Share Their Writing.

general fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry, spiritual, teen fiction, mystery, horror) When a writer updates their story, their followers are notified via email; I started reading and writing on Tapas in I give the site a 5/ Fiction Writing Websites. - publishes a Guide to Fiction Writing with general information about fiction writing and a number of community forums for both current and aspiring writers.

Poets and Writers - Poets and Writers is the largest non-profit organization that servescreative writers. Their website is full of resources. One thought on “ 8 Ways to Prepare to Write Your Nonfiction Book in a Month ” JanelleFila October 27, at pm.

As a fiction writer, I’ve often thought I had a non-fiction book in me. Now I know I can go about writing that story in a similar way I write my fiction. Non-fiction and freelance writer Lisa Romeo blogs on various helpful topics, like how to reclaim your writing life, get through troublesome pieces and navigate the business of writing.

non-fiction writing websites

Her biggest piece of advice? Write first, and read blogs second! Post you’ll like: Unfinished: When it Comes to Personal Stories, Aren’t They All?

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