How do i write apps for the iphone

It can be used to type any kind of notes that you like to be backed up on your Mac or PC. Although there are many other iPhone applications that allow you to take notes, iPhone notes is unique as it comes pre installed by Apple and it sync with iTunes by default which is the biggest advantage over other third party ones. Notes generally is fast and opens quickly.

How do i write apps for the iphone

The facts are that iCloud keeps a history of all of the apps that you have bought online so that you can re-download them if needed.

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How can you get rid of this purchase results? Here is the way to delete or hide purchased app store history on your iPhone: All you have to do is follow these directions: Getting rid of purchase history in iTunes First, go to the iTunes app and click onto the iTunes store icon.

If you want to hide the app, just go to it and hover the pointer over it and a black X will show up in the top of the left hand corner.

Under your App Store account, click "Purchased" to view your purchased apps. However, neither of these actually deletes the apps purchase info, it merely hides it, so if someone knows your password they might be able to figure out how to get it back.

How to Use Apple Clips App on iPhone, iPad [Complete Guide]

Deleting App Purchases To get rid of the app purchase info, you must open up iCloud, log in with your password and click onto your account option. All in all, if you want to get rid of the apps purchase information in your iPhone or just hide it from view, all you have to do is follow the above easy step by step directions and you will get rid of those pesky apps you no longer want to see in your history.

how do i write apps for the iphone

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Contact our support team here.Oct 10,  · Open any conversation in your messages app and then do as indicated in step 2: “Tap into the text entry box, then rotate the iPhone into the horizontal position”. Once you’re in landscape you should automatically see the big handwriting box as depicted right below step 2 in the article.

Tap in the app you want to create a reminder for, then tap Reminders. When you get reminded or open Reminders, you can return to the app you created the reminder for . Resume/CV Mobile is the best resume preparing application in the App Store. It lets you have polished PDF resumes in minutes on the go!

Works on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Feb 04,  · You want to write a review for an App in the App store? Or do you want to review the iPhone? If you want to write a review for an App, find the App in the App store, open its details page, and then tap on Reviews, and then on Write a Review.

Understanding the App Store Account Settings

Adding a Hindi Keyboard on iPhone. 1 Open your iPhone's Settings. It's a grey app with gears on it. You'll likely find it on the Home Screen. 2 Scroll down and tap General. This option is near the top of the "Settings" page.

3 Scroll down and tap Keyboard. It's close . Do you want to get the GPS coordinates of photos on your iPhone? As long as you enabled the location setting for your camera app, then viewing those longitude and latitude points is simple with a free app.

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