Future of sports and games in india

Google celebrates th birth anniversary of father of the deaf with doodle New Delhi: Once again, it was the sport of weightlifting that gave India two medals on Day 2 of the Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast.

Future of sports and games in india

Lack of Sports schools, especially in rural areas. Lack of sporting culture. Politics in National Sports Federations. Lack of incentives to sports persons. Low salaries of Sport Coaches and staff in sports field. Malnutrition in nearly 20 crore children in India.

Becoming a sports person is expensive for poor and lower middle class because it requires costly sports equipment and years of dedicated hard work. In most of the other countries, this will not happen.

In India, employment opportunities in the sports field is very much less, when compared globally. Until recently India concentrated only on cricket. Now, a few more sports got attention.

In , the population of India will reach nearly billion, an increase of % from While population growth is slowing due to declining natural change, India's youthful age structure ensures that population gains remain strong with India expected to overtake China to become the largest country in the world in Peter is responsible for corporate reporting, tax, compliance and oversight for all of our local and international games businesses. Peter is a father of 2, an avid sports fan and coach (baseball, soccer & cricket) and sometimes has mixed allegiances on who he supports. The last four editions of the Asian Games have seen India pick up a grand total of 18 medals in the sport of tennis, meaning fans will be reasonably confident of a good showing in Jakarta.

But still there are more sports, which need media coverage and publicity. Indian education system only concentrates on studies, but not on sports. What India is doing: But is is not upto the mark. Sports quota in Government jobs to encourage sports persons.

Indian Government gives cash prizes and awards to the winners of national and international sport events. What still needs to be done: Sports schools should be setup. Sports should be a part of our education system. Sports scholarships needs to be given to the students that have sports talent.

Underdeveloped Indian sports should be commercialized.

Future of sports and games in india

India should also focus on the games played worldwide. More and more international sports events should be hosted in India to encourage and inspire Indian youth towards sports. It supports and nurtures sports talent in youth. India hosted and co-hosted several international sports events.

Till recently only cricket was emphasized in India. Globally, sports is one of the largest industries. In India, it is in the path to become one. Generally, Countries with high GDP Gross Domestic Product tend to spend more time on sports and games, because of high quality of life and more free time.

Sports is a major contributor to GDPs to most of the developed and developing countries. As India has more no of young people, there is more potential to utilize sports talent in youth and to become one of the sports superpowers.

The rise of social media affected sports positively. These days, several sports got well-deserved attention. Do small companies have more harmony? Situation in other countries: China invests heavily in the sports sector. We are on a good path.

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But still, there is much to be done to produce more world class athletes and to inspire future generations to take sports as a career.

Thereby the fast growing sports industry will create more job opportunities too. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.Stay Updated With The Latest Sports News From India And Abroad.

We Bring You Breaking News, Live Coverage, Live Score, Photos, Videos An Commentary From . Read all the latest information related to Cricket, live scores,Cricket news, results, stats, videos, highlights. Find all the Cricket matches schedules at NDTV Sports. Like IITs and IIMs, there should be an IIS (Indian Institute of Sports), where the best talent in all sports from the entire country could get enrolled and they will carry the Indian hopes of sporting world.

The idea of creating an IIS could lead India to be one of the best countries in the sporting world because there is a lot of talent in this country which I .

Future of sports and games in india

India being one of the fastest growing economy in the world needs to concentrate on multiple sectors for growth and development, sports being just one of them.

The recent appalling experience of an Indian Swimmer in Para Swimming Championship yet again questions the future of sports in India. Underdeveloped Indian sports should be commercialized. India should also focus on the games played worldwide. More and more international sports events should be hosted in India to encourage and inspire Indian youth towards sports.

Background: ‘Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports’ takes care of Sports affairs in India. I don't think the future of sports in India is good because of the following reasons. 1. There is a lack of infrastructure and lack of encouragement for sports in India. In my point of view, sports means different games but in India only cricket is popular that doesn't mean India has good players in cricket and other games also little bit.

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