Business plan theme park pdf

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Business plan theme park pdf

Lance Chase Team Members: We would provide excellent services and security for our customers, and safe working environment, training, suitable salaries plus bonuses and other benefits for the best employees.

Additionally, we would be equitable and honest return to our investors, making significant contributions to our partners and the community as a whole. Our resort would be an environmentally friendly organization that offers more jobs opportunity for community. There will be incredible products and services to be offered which include an international standard 5 stars hotel, 7 bungalows, casino, restaurants, and much more amazing places such as amusement park, zoo, golf course, rented cruiser and sailboats which would provide luxury services for all customers that come to visit our Paradise Resort, moreover, there will also has airport and dock parking which is very business plan theme park pdf for customers to visit us.

Our ideal customers would be a high-class, middle-class family and especially couples, they will come to spend their vacation at our resort and create remarkable memory with special packages that we organize for them.

Consequently, we are the first business to provide this huge resort project and full ranges of services to our customers and ensure that all of which are of best quality in Cambodia as well as neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Our resort will own by CEO and General manager, which each of them must have a minimum of 5 years experiences in managing the business and have at least Master degree for the relevant field.

They must have excellent interpersonal skills and fluent in both English and Khmer, additionally they would have full capacities of understanding the complexities of 4 both the organization and the environment and to lead changes in the organization so as to enhance its competitiveness, especially our CEO is also an ethical leader who reflects high ethical standard and show high moral to other employees.

Currently, we have good relations with China and move closer toward EU. As a result, we expect to gain large majority of our guests from those countries in the future.

We will make several surveys to analyze about their experiences at our resort and adjust changes toward their recommendations. We expect in the next five years, we would be able to invest more into our resort by replace new equipment and expand our business to attract more guests plus increase more job opportunity to local people in the community.

Our resort will offer a comfortable place for all ages and all people throughout the globe to visit, relax and create an unforgettable memory. Form of Business Ownership Our business will be a partnership which means we will run it together.

The reasons why we choose to be partnership rather than sole proprietorship or corporation is because we require a lot of capital investment, talent and skills in order to operate our business. As a partnership, we have high capacities to expand our business through adding new talents as well as skills and money from each and every members.

Moreover, we can gain tax benefits, since our resort is a large business in which we are require to pay high tax and if we choose to be corporation then we have to pay even more, and it is relatively easy to get loans from the banks if we need to.

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Ideal Customer Our ideal customer will be a high-class and middle-class family as well as couples. Customers will come to spend their vacations at our resort and they will be impress with their unique experiences and amazing atmosphere during their stay together with excellent services offer.

We will also have special packages available for families and couples. Our Advantages Our resort will provide unique experiences for our guests in which we will focus on reasonable prices, comfortable atmosphere, excellent services, special foods and 6 promotions.

There will be many different kinds of restaurants in our resort and we will provide different types of foods such as: Korean, Japanese, Western, Italian, and Cambodian. For our special promotions, we will have packages for families and couples, kid clubs that take good care of children so their parents will not need to worry about them plus they could spend good times as a couple.

Our resort will also be a good place for couples to create unforgettable honeymoon memories. Ethical Issues Our services will be provided with high quality and reasonable prices.

Environmental friendly is our priority in operating the business. We will consider customers as our guests and serve them with pleasure to have them feel very delightful.

Each and every of our products and services will be of high quality and hygienic. To provide services to customers from heart is our obligation. We will buy high quality products, include our inventory and furniture, from countries around the world but we will buy fresh seafood from fishermen located near our resort.

Our employees must be over 18, given full rights and privileges as well as offering suitable wages and responsibilities. We will cooperate together to expand our business and discuss any problems together to find solutions to it.

Moreover, we will listen to their comments and adjust changes if possible. We will have water purifier system to convert dirty or used water to clean water before we flow it into the sea. Furthermore, instead of using electricity supply, our business will equip with solar power to generate energy throughout the resort.

business plan theme park pdf

We will regulate daily waste-control throughout the resort especially the beach. Local and the international community: As a result, our customers perhaps might feel that they are also engaging in those charity programs as well. Global Issues Our business will have to concern about global issues for sure because our customers are from different countries around the world and somehow have different cultures as well as ways of living.

First of all, we have to concern about the cultural difference.If you are looking for a sample amusement park business plan template, here is a business plan for starting an entertainment park and free feasibility report you can use.

AMUSEMENT PARK BUSINESS PLAN SAMPLE. An amusement park is a fun place. It is a place of trills, entertainment and obviously amusement. It is a place of fun, adventure and relaxation. Dreamland Aqua Park is one of the latest and the largest water theme park in Umm Al Quwain UAE, Dreamland Aqua Park a unique water park, Dreamland Aqua Park is the only one water theme park with a spectacular volcano show, Dreamland Aqua Park has overnight waterside camping facilities, Dreamland Aqua Park have both wet and dry .

Free Amusement Park Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the financials in this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and may not match the text of the business plan below. Search for all the top Denver, Colorado attractions from the Denver Zoo to the aquarium, waterparks, Dinosaur Ridge & amusement theme parks.

A fantastic standalone project pack that is perfect for some post-SATs fun! Pupils work in groups with their business partners to plan, cost and market a theme park of their design. A cross-curricular pack that encourages teamwork, collaboration, decision-making, thinking skills, and recaps lots of previously-taught maths and English skills in .

This business plan is a part of our course. She has approved our topic on Theme Park for our business plan. Rationality of this study: Report preparing is a mandatory prerequisite for students willing to attain a BBA degree at Institute of Business Administration, University of Asia Pacific.

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