Bowling alone

Take three regular size steps forward and turn and face the pins. This is your starting spot! Begin your approach from this spot each time you bowl. After you have developed your style and learned some techniques of bowling, you may want to adjust your starting spot slightly.

Bowling alone

Abington Bowling Club is one of Northampton's Bowling alone institutions. Just a short way east of the town centre. We provide a competitive but welcoming environment for anyone who fancies taking up outdoor flat green bowls, the most popular form of bowls, and the most inclusive of all sports.

We also boast one of the biggest and most furbished clubhouses in the region, complete with lounge area, dining room and boardroom. We offer usage of any of these to interested parties. Click on 'Hire our Facilities' above to see what we can provide.

Bowling alone

Across both games, the pair of Diana Brown and Debbie Cadd emerged as the stars, barely putting a wood wrong in the Kisle game to thrash Helen Blaby After that, they similarly raced into a massive lead in the Higham game vs Rose Houghtoneventually winning However, whilst the triple of Judy Jones, guest sub Jill Welch and skip Barbara Astle also got the job done at Kislingbury, on the latter occasion, no-one else from the team was there to support Brown and Cadd's efforts.

Indeed, it was mainly the pairs' major contribution to the shot difference that had seen them past Kisle. Albeit both reduced the deficit in the semi, with the rink managing to score 22, defeated only by the most agonisingly slim margin.

Against Higham, the triple were the biggest underperformers, going down 19 shots to 10, and Abington's wait to follow up their success in the competition will go on. It will probably take a lot longer than that. Almost a month ago, they were seemingly already there. However, this sadly underwhelming season for Abington's men couldn't end without one last deeply painful twist of the knife, and the wielding was entirely self-inflicted.

No valedictory celebrations, no salvaging of some small contentment.ABOUT US: Abington Bowling Club is one of Northampton's sporting institutions. Based just south of Abington Park, we are in close proximity to the Old Northamptonians Sports Ground.

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If your V main board isRED, your board is NOT a Bowling and Grippo main board, and the instructions here DO NOT APPLY to your may wish to ask your seller to exchange it for a genuine B&G board, or give you your money back.

Bowling alone

If the seller won't exchange the board for a real board, or give you your money back, you should complain to eBay/PayPal (assuming it was an eBay purchase).

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