Baz luhrmanns romeo and juliet essay

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Baz luhrmanns romeo and juliet essay

Luhrmann follows this image with photographs of the two families on the front of the newspaper separated by a photograph of the statue of Jesus.

The repeated focus on the Jesus statue and other religious icons comments on how religion, like the law, is no longer an effective means of maintaining peace and harmony in modern society.

The film draws on pop-culture images such as those from Miami Vice, which depicted both urban glamour and crime. Luhrmann clearly distinguishes the downtown area from the beach.

He associates the city with the violence of the feud and the idyllic beach with love and peace. The film illustrates these opposing forces through the use of a fire and water motif. In both the news footage and an encounter between the Montagues and Capulets at a gas station, flames repeatedly engulf the surroundings.

We first see Romeo on the beach looking to the ocean. Later, Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time through a fish tank, and the famous balcony scene takes place in a swimming pool.

The beach, through its connection with the sea, becomes a place for change as opposed to the concrete, unchanging nature of the city.

Luhrmann uses the beach as the place where the worlds of love and conflict clash when peaceable Romeo encounters "fiery" Tybalt. The stage also provides several characters an alternative vehicle for expressing their emotional development, or lack thereof.

Luhrmann presents a youthful, immature Romeo seated on stage, delivering his Rosaline-inspired "O brawling love" speech as a voice-over. The speech sounds stilted, stiff, and staged as though Romeo were a young, incompetent actor who merely recites his lines mechanically without understanding their meaning.

William Shakespeare

Luhrmann chooses a modern city as the setting for his film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet to present a chaotic urban world familiar to a 20th-century cinema audience. The updated and renamed Verona Beach is a clever mechanism by which peaceful and violent worlds collide.Romeo & Juliet Moving Image Analysis.

Scene Analyzed: The Opening Sequence of the Baz Luhrmann directed ‘William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet’ () from the Introduction to the end of the Garage scene, or The Prologue. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Baz Luhrmann brings a unique visual style to William Shakespeare’s renaissance tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”.

Set in a modern Verona Beach, Luhrmann sets the assertive and trendy tone of his adaptation within a decaying Miami City.

After the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt, Benvolio acts as a

The story of Romeo and Juliet originated as a play, written by William Shakespeare in Elizabethan England. A reasonably well-known movie director, Baz Luhrmann decided to take on the challenge of making a contemporary version of the play and to try and answer the question, “if Shakespeare were alive today, how would he make a movie?”.

The Effectiveness of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet Essay examples. The Effectiveness of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet Baz Lurhmann's modern version of Romeo and Juliet is very effective because it relates to a younger audience which makes it more appealing to watch.

Baz luhrmanns romeo and juliet essay

Bortolotti and Hutcheon argue, “[Baz Luhrmann’s] film, Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, was deemed unfaithful to its source despite using most of the text and action” (Bortolotti 44). Similar accusations were made about Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Romeo and Juliet is a play created by a famous playwright called William Shakespeare.

Baz Luhrmann adapted the play to create a modern version of Romeo and Juliet in

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