An examination of the immorality of pornography

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An examination of the immorality of pornography

April 19, The Immorality of Pornography The argument over the morality of pornography can take shape in many different ways. In this paper, pornography will be defined as sexually explicit materials in which the acts depicted degrade or subordinate women.

The degradation and subordination can occur through various different acts, but in an attempt to curtail the wordiness of the definition, those words are used to include any act that misrepresents or defames women.

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Erotica on the other hand, which is not part of the moral argument of pornography, is sexually explicit material that portrays the man and woman as more or less equals. It is with this distinction in mind, with regard to the philosophies of care ethics, utilitarianism, and deontology, that pornography is in fact wholly immoral.

Care ethics provide us with a good foundation for the belief that pornography is immoral. Care ethics is a branch of feminine ethics that defend, elucidate, and develop an attitude of care toward others based on the approach that women tend to have toward morally problematic situations.

Followers of this idea do not argue that pornography is immoral due to its offensive nature.

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Instead, pornography is immoral because it is a type of sexual discrimination. To illustrate the immorality of the acceptance of the inequality that appears in pornography, MacKinnon provides a great analogy with regard to race. To neutral principles, separate but equal was equal.

It will merely look like an appropriate recognition of the sex difference" MacKinnon Along with the inequality that pornography creates between the sexes, it also instills wrong beliefs in its audience. Through pornography, acts that are abusive towards women are able to be seen simply as sex.

It creates the illusion that women want to be treated as objects.

An examination of the immorality of pornography

With this misunderstanding of the wants of women, what is viewed in pornography is completely misinterpreted. MacKinnon covers this point very well: Pleasure and eroticism become violation. Desire appears as lust for dominance and subordination" MacKinnon It is clear that through the depiction of women in pornography they are debased in society.

Utilitarianism also demonstrates the immorality or pornography. Before I can show how utilitarianism supports my thesis, let me first explain what this ideology is based upon.

Utilitarianism is based on the principle of utility. Jeremy Bentham defines utility, whether it refers to an individual or the community, as "property in any object, whereby it tends to produce benefit, advantage, pleasure, good, or happiness or to prevent the happening of mischief, pain, evil, or unhappiness to the party whose interest is considered" Timmons This states that the idea of utilitarianism is based upon judging the ends or results from the action, and not the action itself.

Bentham goes on to describe utilitarianism by the principle of utility.


In this belief, when an action has a tendency to produce more happiness than pain then it is said that the action is essentially moral. The difficulty with this ideology is the ability to judge whether the pleasure outweighs the pain.

To do this there are seven factors that are used to weigh the pleasure versus the pain: The pleasure or happiness that can be taken out of pornography would be through experience of catharsis for the individual viewing the material.

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The pain that is caused due to pornography would be the inequality and objectification of women that was mentioned previously. In comparing the two in terms of utility it is apparent that the pain of pornography would far outweigh the pleasure due to the extent and duration of the pain.

This is true because the number of people who are affected negatively by pornography far exceeds those who experience pleasure. When an individual watches pornography, he alone is experiencing the pleasure at that time.

By contrast, the entire population of women, as explained above, is being hurt indirectly by the ideas expressed almost subconsciously in pornography. This alone would seem to be enough to justify its immorality, but one could also take into account duration of the experience felt afterwards.

This idea is reinforced by Roger Paden when he says:The Immorality Battle of the Mind can be categorized as either attitudes or actions. Your attitudes and actions in dealing with strong sexual demons will either cause you to become a victim of its desires or become victories by overcoming them by the acti.

Tim Conway talks about the battle against lust, sexual immorality, and internet pornography. Sadly many professing Christians are slaves of sexual sin and . 1 The Immorality of Pornography by Ronald L.

An examination of the immorality of pornography

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