An analysis of the digital subscriber line technology

Compared to other Asian nations, Vietnam has very low fixed line penetration, low fixed broadband penetration, high mobile penetration and low mobile broadband penetration.

An analysis of the digital subscriber line technology

DSL is a broadband high speed technology. That brings ample information via copper telephone lines to homes and offices. It provides network connections to small business and homes.

ADSL Services: Perspective

Although it uses the same cable which is used for normal telephones, it offers higher data rates by using digital modem technology. It is assumed digital data does not require changing digital into analogue form and back to original form.

DSL uses high frequency bands for data. To enable simultaneous use of the DSL service and voice, a DSL filter is used to block any high frequency interference. Typically a filter is needed for each analog device. DSL service can also be simultaneously delivered with wired telephone service on one line.

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Wired telephone service is a voice grade telephone service. This service employs analog signal transmission over copper loops. But these are lab searches. However a survey shows that, with He worked at Bell Laboratories.

He is known as the Father of DSL. After traditional modems, another technology that is DSL was developed.

An analysis of the digital subscriber line technology

Loop refers to the connection between one ends of a user device to the local telephone company where DSL device resides. This supports the most high speed digital communication existing local loops. Although there were several media that could be used to provide network access, none of them could match telephone network.

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DSL was developed to overcome the communication problems. It is the most installed technology for internet access. ADSL is an adaptive technology. The system uses a data based on the condition of the local loop line.

ADSL is designed for residential users. This line is not suitable for business. Customers nearer the central office have faster connections and are able see extremely high speeds.

ASDL is a distance sensitive technology. It has different speeds. Downstream speed range from 1. While upstream speeds are up to 1. Transmission uses one pair of wires.

ADSL makes use of techniques such as error correcting codes. ADSL uses variable constellation sizes and sophisticated algorithms to determine where best to distribute energy in the usable bandwidth.Dec 11,  · Digital subscriber line or DSL line enables digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network.

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Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is one form of the Digital Subscriber Line technology, a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide.

Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is the most commonly available type of broadband, delivered through the copper wires of a phone line.

The broadband speeds this type of ADSL will depend on the distance to the telephone exchange - the further away you are, the lower the speeds. Abstract: The success of a new technology like ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) largely depends on the ability to offer viable end-to-end network architectures and feasible operation/business plans.

The Alcatel ADSL product supports a broadband remote access service model identical to. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines to homes and businesses.

Unlike regular dialup phone service, ADSL provides continously-available, "always on" connection. • Single-pair high-speed digital subscriber line (SHDSL) technology, supports symmetrical transmission rates of up to Mbps. SHDSL has been Analysis of line transmission characteristics (line probing) whenever a link must be setup between two SHDSL modems.

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