Aims of government interventions in the market

The figure tries to figure out that in general terminology a Business or Market will distribute its money in term of wages, salary, rents, interests, profits and another terms of money into public, and these money would be flown back into the business when public buy or consume their goods and services from the business. For sure that this theory would not apply smoothly, there after Keynes comes with his three leakages for his circular flow of money:

Aims of government interventions in the market

The minimum price could be set for a few reasons: Increase farmers incomes Make demerit goods more expensive. For example, a minimum price for alcohol has been proposed.

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Therefore the government will need to buy the surplus and store it. Alternatively, it may impose quotas on farmers to decrease the quantity of the good put onto the market. Problems of minimum prices It could be costly for the government to buy the surplus A minimum price guarantee acts as an incentive for farmers to try and increase supply.

As an unintended consequence, the minimum price encourages more supply than expected and the cost for the government rises.

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To ensure minimum prices, the government may have to put tariffs on cheap imports — which damages welfare of farmers in other countries. Maximum Price This involves putting a limit on any increase in price e.

Maximum prices may be appropriate in markets where Suppliers have monopoly power and are able to generate substantial economic rent by charging high prices The good is socially important — e. Demand is price inelastic because the good is necessary for maintaining minimum standards of living.

Diagram Maximum Prices The Maximum price will be set below the equilibrium.

The Economic Functions of Government

This makes sure the price is less than the market clearing price. However, the problem of a maximum price is that there will be a shortage.

At Max Price, Demand is greater than supply. Qe-Q1 This leads to queues and consumers unable to buy. This will encourage the operation of black markets.

Aims of government interventions in the market

Therefore the government will have to ration the goods or increase supply Evaluation If supply and demand are very inelastic, then a maximum price may have little adverse impact on creating shortages.

For example, if supply housing for rent is very profitable, then a maximum price will not stop landlords putting the house on the market.While the Government says it ‘agrees with the aims of these recommendations’, it does not give concrete proposals to impose them on the industry yet, merely stating, ‘certain non-surgical cosmetic interventions should, to an appropriate extent, involve clinical professionals’.

Improvement in the market structure: one of the most important aspects of government intervention in the market system is the fact that it brings about an improvement in the market facilities, roads and other desired infrastructure in the market.

Aims of government interventions in the market

This Help Desk Report aims to map out research on child labour in South Asia, specifically: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, as well as Myanmar (Burma).

How do government structure and interventions and social capital influence these farm and marketing practices? How do market arrangements (e.g. market collaboration) take the current form and nature? How do these current market arrangements areas which aims to achieve the following specific objectives (NEDA, ).

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3 Martinez and Masters, ). That previous work uses national-average prices, however, which could mask the effectiveness of interventions at a regional or provincial level, to the extent that.

With regard to the financial crash of , of course, that was claptrap: It was government interventions in the mortgage market, combined with government interventions in financial markets, that.

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