A personal opinion on the television viewing in public schools

While the use of such surveillance may be perceived as a positive measure to help prevent vandalism and enhance security, CCTV cameras can also lead to a climate of paranoia among education staff. The aim of the guidance and its accompanying policy is to ensure that there is a full sharing of information between schools and their staff about the purpose of CCTV, and the extent of its usage.

A personal opinion on the television viewing in public schools

Whether the First Amendment allows public schools to prohibit students from displaying messages promoting the use of illegal substances at school-sponsored, faculty-supervised events.

Whether the Ninth Circuit departed from established principles of qualified immunity in holding that a public high school principal was liable in a damages lawsuit under 42 U.

Do public schools have a First Amendment right to keep students from exhibiting a message advocating drug use at a school-sponsored event that was supervised by faculty? MorseF. Because the relay was deemed to have educational value, students throughout the city were released from school to watch as the torch was carried through the city streets.

Brief for Petitioner at 3. Frederick never made it to school that day due to a delay caused by the snow in his driveway, but he was able to make it to the public sidewalk directly across from his school.

Frederick was aware that the Olympic torch would pass by this sidewalk.

A personal opinion on the television viewing in public schools

After watching this event unfold across the street, Deborah Morse, the school principal, crossed the street and confronted Frederick about the banner.

Morse then grabbed the banner from Frederick and crumpled it. Morse suspended Frederick for ten days. Instead, the disorder consisted of students throwing plastic Coca Cola bottles and snowballs at each other and getting into fights.

Frederick and his friends, however, did not participate in these disturbances; the group was saving its energy for what they hoped would be their nationally televised banner display.


In fact, the disruptions at the torch relay event occurred before Frederick displayed the banner. In fact, in answers to interrogatories, Morse and the Juneau School Board never argued that the banner had disrupted or was expected to disrupt the educational environment in the classrooms.

Frederick contends that students were simply released from school for a period of time to permit them to watch a privately sponsored event occurring on public streets.

After exhausting all other options, Frederick filed a federal suit under 42 U. Brief for Petitioner at The court acknowledged that the Olympic torch relay viewing was an activity authorized by the school, and that the banner expressed a positive message about drug use.

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See Brief for Petitioner at 14— Indeed, the outcome will clarify the boundaries of student free speech rights, and have a significant influence on the way student-conduct policies are enforced throughout the nation.

According to Morse, the Ninth Circuit ignored settled precedent that gave respectful deference to the judgment of school administrators in limiting or suppressing student expression that is inconsistent with the educational function of public schools. Frederick, on the other hand, contends that the Ninth Circuit properly distinguished past Supreme Court precedent that allows school officials to curtail the free speech rights of students.

Brief for Respondent at 6. In the leading student free speech cases, the Supreme Court found that school officials could tailor the content of student speech if it is plainly offensive e. Here, Frederick argues, neither situation exists, which places the case under the general rule in Tinker v.

According to Frederick, his pro-drug banner was not sufficiently disruptive to be regulated by Morse.

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See Amicus Brief U. School administrators will have clear authority to protect students from apparent threats to the educational environment, including those associated with drug abuse. Additionally, school administrators will be free to regulate student speech that encourages disrespect for and violation of the law.

Finally, a decision for Morse and the Board will clarify the qualified immunity that applies to certain local, state, and federal officials. Administrators, who are arguably in the best position to determine the context of student speech, will be free to exercise their discretion in disciplinary actions without interference from the courts.The video includes three segments: 1.

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