A history of the discovery of australia by the europeans

First came the influx of the strangers who carried with them diseases, which decimated the immediate population of the Sydney tribes. It is estimated that overAboriginal people inhabited the island continent in Living primarily along the foreshores of the harbour, they fished and hunted in the waters and hinterlands of the area, and harvested food from the surrounding bush. Self-sufficient and harmonious, they had no need to travel far from their lands, since the resources about them were so abundant, and trade with other tribal groups was well established.

A history of the discovery of australia by the europeans

Australia to 1900

Two days later, he landed at Waimea on the island of Kauai and named the island group the Sandwich Islands, in honor of John Montague, who was the earl of Sandwich and one his patrons. InCook, a surveyor in the Royal Navy, was commissioned a lieutenant in command of the H.

A history of the discovery of australia by the europeans

Endeavor and led an expedition that took scientists to Tahiti to chart the course of the planet Venus. Inhe returned to England, having explored the coast of New Zealand and Australia and circumnavigated the globe.

Beginning inhe commanded a major mission to the South Pacific and during the next three years explored the Antarctic region, charted the New Hebrides, and discovered New Caledonia. Inhe sailed from England again as commander of the H.

Resolution and Discovery and in made his first visit to the Hawaiian Islands. Cook provisioned his ships by trading the metal, and his sailors traded iron nails for sex. It is suspected that the Hawaiians attached religious significance to the first stay of the Europeans on their islands.

After one of the crewmembers died, exposing the Europeans as mere mortals, relations became strained. On February 4,the British ships sailed from Kealakekua Bay, but rough seas damaged the foremast of the Resolution, and after only a week at sea the expedition was forced to return to Hawaii.Jul 06,  · European discovery and the colonisation of Australia It was first settled by Europeans in at Fort Dundas, Port Essington In control of the area was given to South Australia.

Claiming A Continent: A New History of Australia by David Day. Hispanic Exploration.

A history of the discovery of australia by the europeans

The first Europeans on the scene were Spaniards and Portuguese. The former were interested in gold and silver, new territories and colonies, and conversion of the heathen, while the latter were concerned with finding passages from Europe to .

First Europeans in Australia Most people think of the First Fleet that went to Botany Bay , but our ideas may require rethinking, following recent research on DNA analysis, and epidemiological studies of a . Soon, Australia's Aborigines were outnumbered by Europeans, and many were made to live on reserves.

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History of the Australian nation – State Library of NSW; The Australian History page at Project Gutenberg of Australia;. "It certainly shows the contact between Northern Australia and the trade with the Middle Kingdom, with China," Mike Owen, a member of the expedition, told Australia's ABC television network.

Captain James Cook ( – 14 February ) James Cook was a British explorer, navigator and cartographer, he reached the south-eastern coast of Australia on 19 April , his expedition became the first recorded Europeans to have encountered Australia's eastern coastline.

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